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American Maltese Association

A National Breed and Member club of the American Kennel Club

About the American Maltese Association

A Brief History of the AMA

The first Maltese specialty club of consequence was the Maltese Terrier Club of America, organized in 1906. This club eventually came to be known as the National Maltese Club which held its first specialty at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York on November 30, 1917. By the end of the 1950's there were two Maltese clubs; the Maltese Dog Club of America, formerly the National Maltese Club, and the Maltese Dog Fanciers of America.

The year 1961 proved a momentous one for the American Maltese fancy. The highlight of the year came with a meeting of representatives of the Maltese Dog Club of America and the Maltese Dog Fanciers of America at the Henry Hudson Hotel in New York City. From this meeting emerged the foundation of the American Maltese Association.

The first officers elected included Dr. Vincenzo Calvaresi, President: Ms. Helen L. Schiveley (Poggi), Vice President West; Aennchen Antonelli, Vice President East; and Tony Antonelli, Secretary-Treasurer. The first annual national meeting was held in conjunction with the Westminster Kennel Club show in 1963.

The newly formed AMA was quick to ratify and submit a new standard for the breed in 1963. This new standard was approved by the AKC in November of the same year.

In July 1963 the AMA held its first Class B Match at Pasadena, CA with Robert Craig judging. The first Class A-OA Match was held in June 1964 in Louisville, OH with Maxwell Riddle as judge. A second Class A-OA Match was held on June 11, 1965 in Louisville, OH with Winn Suck judging.

On June 11, 1966, American Maltese fanciers once again returned to Ohio to attend the first American Maltese Association National Specialty held in conjunction with the Columbiana Kennel Club show in Salem, OH. William L. Kendrick judged. In 1967, the AMA moved to the West Coast for the second Specialty, held in Beverly Hills, CA on June 24 & 25. The judge was Maxwell Riddle. The AMA's third Specialty was held in Pittsburgh, PA, March 30, 1968 with Byron W. Elder judging.

On June 10, 1969, the American Maltese Association officially became an AKC member club. The AMA was now officially the "Parent Club" for Maltese.

The AMA currently enjoys a membership of over 250 people spread all across the nation. Members are also residents of Canada, Japan, and Europe. American Maltese Association National Specialites are held on an annual basis rotating from the East-to-Midwest-to-West Regions of the country.

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